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Rst2pdf: Why You Should Convert Your Text Files To PDFs With This Tool

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Converting static text files to PDFs may seem like an unnecessary step, but this simple changeover can be extremely beneficial to businesses long-term.

When it comes to protecting your business’s (or clients’!) internal information, you can’t really be too secure. Unfortunately, with mass amounts of data and information now being collected and stored digitally, companies are more susceptible to security breaches. In addition, many documents are flexible and can be edited, making them less secure legally, which can breed big problems for high-profile companies down the road.

However, PDFs are some of the most secure computer files that can be used. They are extremely secure (they can even be password protected!) and can’t be edited. Plus, converting text files to PDFs is a quick and easy process – especially with the help of the Rst2pdf PDF editor.

What Is Rst2pdf?

Rst2pdf is a tool that creates high-quality PDFs from slightly marked up text files. Text files are exactly what they sound like – a computer file that only contains words and copy without special formatting such as bold, italics, images and multimedia, and more. However, text files which can be rendered into HTML are transformed into .rst files, or reStructuredText. Thus, the program name Rst2pdf.

This software doesn’t require users to install any gigabytes of software to use, instead placing documents under version control. You can test it out for yourself here.

What Is Rst2pdf

The Benefits of PDF Files

PDF files are “read-only” documents, meaning that once created, they cannot be changed or modified. Instead, a new PDF file would have to be created. In addition, PDF files notable do not leave an electronic footprint, which makes them secure files for businesses to use – particularly if they deal with sensitive information. In fact, PDF files are some of the only digital documents that uphold in a court of law because they are unable to be edited.

A hallmark feature of PDFs is their cross-platform compatibility. Unlike some programs (such as Adobe Photoshop files, for example) many programs can quickly and easily open and view PDFs in their entirety – although the flagship software, Adobe Acrobat Reader, is free for everyone to use. PDFs were originally designed for the U.S Government, with the intention of sharing files securely. They can be compressed to extremely small sizes, making them highly-functional too.

Top Rst2pdf Features

There are plenty of Rst2pdf features. Some of the most notable include:


Overall, transitioning text files and .rst files containing sensitive information to PDFs will secure important data and safeguard your business. PDFs improve security measures, minimize file storage sizes, function on any operating system, and maintain layouts and information – even after conversion.

You might be wondering how to edit a PDF. By utilizing Rst2pdf, you’ll be able to quickly and easily make the change without wasting time and energy downloading unnecessary programs or waiting around for the conversion to be finalized.

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